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I am back

I am back!
Starting in December, I'll be doing Classic Rock Blog again. I had abt 200 hits a month when I quit, so we shall see if it builds back up. Drop me a line giving feedback.
this is a picture of the ranch in Colorado where my family lived on in 1960-1962. Cold ars winters.
It is run down, I was there in 1989 and the back cabin where we lived(my aunt and uncle lived in the front building a 1 room cabin. Anyway in our big cabin the floors were all rotted out, the mattress's were springs, and the wood burning stove was missing the burner tops,
The main cable was completely empty but had been swept. The shed where we had the hay was completely down, and where the bulldozer was kept was about to fall, The road has been redone and moved a little further from the cabins,
we did have electricity- a diesel fueled generator and a line in the main cabin and one leading to the big cabin.
It is at the base of Douglas Pass 35 miles from Rangely, and 36 miles from Grand Junction.
Thanks all.